Saturday, May 3, 2008

My interest on Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam...hmm...where to start from??

First of all I'd like to give introduction on myself towards my interest in the great dance..Bharatanatyam.I'm not a professional dancer,but I learnt for 6 years,during that period without my notice,I drew my interest towards the great dance.According to me dance is not learnt for others..oops not only dance any art..but only for ur personal satisfaction,itzz not for others appreciation,fame etc.,If u give urself to any art da satisfaction u get has no words to explain..!!I personally felt many times..I reached the tanmyatava stage where u'll feel,involve and dedicate urself to Nataraja swamy.

I forgot my first guru of dance..sadly and ironically..'coz at that time i was 6 years old:( and I learnt only for few months,since from dat time,im addicted to dance...later I learnt for six years and my Guru was Sri Anam Lakshman Rao garu..A Gunniess Book entrant for his continous dance performance for soo many days.With the help of him I gave many stage shows and bagged many awards too..Later I stopped 'coz of my studies n wt not several other constraints,but my interest towards dance grown up gradually,though i'm not free enough now,i want to start all over once again...and pay my part of tribute to Bharatnatyam,n if time permits i'd like to learn kathak also:)